Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Setting up the wind and bloom

 Here is a video showing the recent changes to the level. Particles, wind dynamics, more grass and trees in some areas, bloom effects, research assets.

This is the addition to the foliage master material for the wind movements on the grass and leaves. It is quite a complex material now, with a lot of nodes but the effect is great. There's definitely a big improvement to the level overall with this effect now.

I turned up the bloom value in the world settings, this allowed the sun to glow more and also the particles glowed when you got close to some. It also created a nice effect where the light bounces off of the yellow plants.

I have duplicated the planet mesh and flipped it to make it look like there's another planet in orbit. I decided to place more trees and grass around the pool area. Since I decided to cut out the waterfall, I needed to add in some things to cover the empty spaces around the water. So there's a few more rocks, grass and plants there now.

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