Thursday, 16 May 2013

Triangle Count

My original budget for triangles stated in the brief was less than 200,000. I have stayed well under this budget, here is a list of the triangles for each asset built.


Grass Stalker: 3444
Tree Ray: 860
Feather Ghost: 3690


Rock1: 600
Rock2: 800
Rock3: 702
Rock4: 646


TreeA: 3031
TreeB: 1016

Research Assets

Tent: 336
Microscope: 180
Cage: 110
Crate: 92
Table: 68


Grass Big: 108
Grass Medium: 72
Grass Small: 48
Bush: 101
Yellow Plant: 2678
Red Plant: 772
Blue Plant: 1136


Planet: 14
Fog Plane: 2
Skydome: 480
Terrain: 32,768

TOTAL: 53,754

I admit that I wasn't too certain on how many triangles I would need to assign myself for my level, that is the reason why my original budget was very high. But I have always been quite good at using triangles efficiently and making low poly assets, so this has definitely helped to keep the overall triangle count right down.

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