Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Textured Research Assets and Adding Particles

Textured the research assets I made earlier. I had painted all of the textures, made sure that the tent canopy blended in with the environment colours. Also made a little note on top of the cage and made the normal map to make the note look like it sticks up.

There is the crate which can be used multiple times, the cage has a note on the top, and I will place a Tree Ray within it that has been caught. There is a microscope that can also be duplicated. I didn't want the research stuff to be very bright, since the scientists are there for a specific reason, just for cataloguing the creatures and plants. So in contrast to the colours of the rest of the level, these are plain colours, so there is a contrast here.

 Research assets within the level now. I placed two tents and tables, duplicated the microscope several times. Also, I realised that the microscope looked too sharp and jagged once I had it in the level, so I went back into 3dsMax to give it more sides.

 This is the particle I have used in the level. The material is quite simple, and I used the cloud render in photoshop and then some basic painting for the actual shape of the particle.

Here are the particles in the level. I have set them to float around slowly at different sizes and then disappear. I think they look very good in the dark parts of the level and their red colour provides a nice contrast to the aqua/turquoise theme of the plants and terrain.

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