Friday, 1 March 2013

Arranging and testing! Rock creation

This is a small entry just to show how I was starting to add the grass and tree to the level.
I followed the tutorial which showed how to make a master foliage material where I could tweak every detail of the textures, the contrasts and alphas, as well as the hue of all the maps related to the tree foliage and grass. The material has an extensive array of nodes, and I'm playing around with all of the settings to see the interesting effects.

Realised that there's a problem with my light maps, so I'm going to be editing those to get the correct shadows and then reimport the model.

Also made some high poly boulders that I'll place randomly around the cliffs and certain parts of the level. Going to bake them down onto some low poly versions next. I made these by starting off with basic box shapes that I pushed into the shape I wanted each rock to have. I then used the noise, displace and mesh smooth modifiers several times to get the interesting effects.

Definitely need to make the skydome at this point, you can see that it would really help with this shot here, and also show me how the colours of the grass and trees will look against an actual sky.

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