Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The level so far...

Here is a video of the level so far. I have been playing around with the height fog actor, and I have also added in some ground fog. I need to remove the gun and the interface at some point, I know there's a way to do this within kismet.

Here are the settings for the fog material at the moment. I think I'll try to implement a moving cloud texture to give the fog more life. I like how it wraps around the plants and grass. I have placed several of these fog planes in any areas that are in shade and also lower down in the level, where I think fog/mist will naturally accumulate.

At the moment it is just static and I'm still tweaking the settings. It would be interesting if I could hide some creatures within it. Once I have the leaves and grass moving, I will need to add in the sounds of the wind in the level, it should definitely give it a whole new dynamic feel.

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