Monday, 8 April 2013

Modelling the Tree Ray

I started on modelling the Tree Ray creature. I wanted to keep it reasonably low poly since none of the creatures in my level are very large. Therefore, this wouldn't waste any triangles that really won't be seen to make a difference, especially as the textures can add the majority of the details.

I started off with a box, using it to get the basic shape of the tree ray. I was constantly referring back to the concept to make sure that I was developing the form correctly. By moving the verts and adding in new loops, I pushed the basic shape towards the concepted creature.

Began to refine the shape and added the tail. I am making sure to keep the topology tidy and efficient, I can't spend many triangles on this creature since it is quite small, perhaps about 28 inches in length.

Defined the eye ridges, as they are very pronounced in my concept painting. I used the cut tool to add in the shapes and then extruded the faces inwards. I added in a few more loops for the tail, keeping in mind that this will need to move fluidly once rigged and animated.

This is the model and the concept for comparison. I would say that this is finished, but I think I may add a few more details. I find it quite interesting that the front orthographical view makes him look like a space ship! A lot of the features will be more defined with the textures, which I'll be working on next.

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