Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Research Assets

I started on modelling the research tent and related assets:

This is the cage and the microscope. I made the cage with two simple boxes for the top and base, and I then used a single plane which was duplicated around the edges for the bars of the cage. I didn't think it was necessary to make them more than one plane thick, and once it is set to work as a two sided material, there should be no problems. Also made the microscope as simple as possible. I might go back and add some extra sides to the cylinders used for the lenses. I decided that its design should be simple and small, compared to some of the bulky ones we have today, this is a more futuristic design.

This is the work bench and crate. I will be able to use these multiple times in the research area within the level. The crate is meant to be designed for stacking. These would have the basic supplies for the scientists.

This is the tent. I think I will have two used in the level. This will give the idea that they have recently just set up their base for their mission. It is implied that they only come out here for the day to collect the data needed, and then they go back to the ship they arrived on for the night. I decided that the poles holding the tent up should be made of the wood from the environment, because why would they waste space and weight on their journey here when they could use things within the environment to set up the research camp. Again I used a simple box to make the tent canopy, and then cylinders for the sticks and wire that supports the tent.

So, there is the main tent, a table, a cage where a creature will be placed, a microscope and a storage crate. I might make a few more assets that would could be in the tents. I got a lot of ideas for this from the BBC series "Lost land of the Volcano", where they had some research tents that were quickly set up and had all the necessities for recording information on finds and capturing creatures, and it was also very simple. So I want to keep my research tents similar, since they wouldn't have been able to take a lot of stuff with them to this planet, they are using just the essentials for the research trip.

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