Thursday, 18 April 2013

Feedback and making the Grass Stalker

I've started on modelling the Grass Stalker creature. I started off with the same approach to box modelling a human.

I am defining the torso here, and started on the should joint. I'm making sure to keep the curve of the spine the same as in the concept, since it was a defining feature and important to the silhouette.

I then extruded out the spine bones. This area will have a little more detail because of the individual bones protruding.

Adding in the arm details as well as starting off the hip shape. I found that I had to keep defining the edge of the ribs, may have to cut in wards to make the base of the ribs stick out more, as in the concept.

I then started on making the head. I extruded most of the details, and again kept referring closely to the concept to make sure I was following the shape I had designed originally. This creature has to be small enough to slither through the long grass in my level reasonably hidden. The horns are designed to mimic the shape of the grass to help the creature blend in.

 I made sure that the arms were away from the body so it would be easier to rig. Also got the shape of the tail modelled out. I used a spline as a guide to get a fluid curve. Spent some more time defining the shape of the hip joint.

I had to make sure that I made the tail in a simple enough pose to rig, since in the concept it is curled up, so it would be pointless to model the tail to follow this shape when its meant to be part of the animation in the end. I think the arms need to be a little bigger, and there's still some details to be added in the back and claws.

Also, after having some feedback on my level, about adding a different colour to the spectrum, particularly red, since I have many shades of blue in my level so far; I decided to try changing the tone of the sky to a more reddish hue.

I'm not sure yet if I like this change however. I might experiment more with the values, and also leave the sky in the level like this as I work to see if it does eventually feel that it fits.

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