Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Texturing the Grass Stalker and Tree Ray

Now texturing the grass stalker. I'm going to use the same techniques I used for painting the concept in the actual texture. I'll also colour pick from the concept to make sure I keep the correct colour themes. Did several ambient occlusion maps for the diffuse as well since these help a lot with starting on the texturing.

Again, I painted the diffuse myself, using the concept as reference. I used a blend of a height map and the diffuse itself to make the normal map. I concentrated a lot on making the ribs look like they stick out.

Next is rigging and animating.

Now texturing the tree ray. This is a small creature that lives on the trees. His colouring will have to match the bark already used in the level. he is meant to be camouflaged, so it should be difficult to spot him within the level.

I painted the diffuse, and then blended the bark texture I used on the trees over the top of it. Also painted in the moss that is used on the ground texture by using the clone stamp tool. Once I have the moss decal on the trees finished, he should be able to blend in reasonably well.

I made the normal map show off the details like his nose and also made it look like the moss sticks up from his body.

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