Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Modelling and Texturing the Feather Ghost Creature

 I'm now modelling the feather creature in 3ds Max. He should be pretty simple to make as he has repeating features, and only the head is really unique.

 Modelled the basic forms of the head and feather appendage, again using box modelling.

 Added more geometry, and repeated the feathers all the way down the body. Added in a thin body so it makes more sense and the feathers have something to attach to. I tapered their size along the body as in the concept. I've made a loop along the body for every 2 pairs of feather appendages, hopefully this will work fine for the rigging stage.

 Added in eyebrow ridge and eyes, and also simplified the geometry of the feathers to reduce triangles. Decided to leave out the tongue as this would be a rather complicated thing to model and rig so it looks realistic, and it would be strange if it was modelled to just stick out permanently.

Texturing completed. Used some ambient occlusion maps to start off the diffuse, and then just painted it using the concept as reference.

I like the high specularity in the feathers, it helps give the luminous effect. I'll probably make an emissive map for him as well to get the glowing effect within udk.

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