Friday, 8 February 2013

Codemasters Vehicle Project

After this project was set by James Roadley-Battin from Codemasters, I was very excited about it. I asked him at the end of the project brief presentation if we could do a futuristic kind of vehicle and how far we are allowed to go with it, since the vehicle he presented to us was also futuristic. He said that it was fine to do that, get some concepts down, but don’t go over the top with it, since the focus of this project is the materials and use of the shaders. 

After this, I remembered my first year paper model, this was a futuristic ship, and I realised that it would be interesting to base my vehicle on this. 

I also thought about the mercenary ship from “The chronicles of Riddick” film, I’ve always thought that this was a very cool ship design. I also looked at the ships from the Wipeout games, as well as the vehicle used in the Aliens film. 

I went and asked for my paper model back from the office so I could take better reference photos of it. 

I then did a few small thumbnails and settled on a design I liked. I simplified the original paper model and also took into account the ships I had referenced since they were more realistic, especially in terms of construction and material use. 

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