Friday, 8 February 2013

Rooftop Complete!

The level is finally done! I’m happy with the way it turned out in general. I do wish I had figured out earlier how to distribute texture space so I had enough for particles.
I think the sounds definitely helped with making the level feel more real.
The fog was also a good way of giving some more feel and atmosphere to the level.
I had lots of fun shooting the boxes off the level. I found that if I put the gun away and just clicked on them, they could sometimes shoot off at super human speeds, which was hilarious.
I’m glad about how the skybox turned out. The tutorial I was given for that was really helpful, and I found that I was quite happy to modify things to better suit my level quite easily.
I had some problems with the fly-through animation. I had finished it in matinee, and I think I closed the window to save the level, and then when I reopened it, the camera wasn’t flying through in the same position, it had moved to the side and was cutting through buildings. I couldn’t figure out what had happened, so I re made the fly-through sequence. The same thing happened again, I can only assume that I somehow moved the camera after I completed the animation, but this time I only had to edit one key frame.
This project was definitely a crash course in UDK and I feel a lot more confident in using the program now.
Here are some videos of the level, one is the fly-through, and the other is a fun play-through.


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