Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Brief!

Alien Jungle

The platform for this level is PC, it will be the same specifications as needed to run most games made in UDK, for example Unreal Tournament and Gears of War.

Technical Specification:

Less than 400,000 triangles. And less than 200MB of textures.

Project Outline: Description and Genre

I want to create an environment that is an alien jungle. There would be a large area to explore, with many different kinds of plants and animals. There will be a lot of diversity, and the main point is for this place to be interesting and unique. Imagine the Amazon jungle, but in another galaxy on a different planet.
I want the player to be able to explore the area and examine creatures and plants. There will be times where a plant can harm you if you get too close, or times where you can startle certain creatures.
The background of this level is that it is an exploration mission, and there are environmentalists and scientists here to categorise the flora and fauna. The genre would be purely adventure, since it is not about shooting or survival, merely observation and gathering information.

Assets to be created:

There will need to be at least three types of trees, larger ones that create the canopy level. Also at least three types of smaller shrub sized plants, and then various flowers, bushes, grasses, so perhaps again three types of each. Rocks and bumpy terrain. Skydome. Several types of insects, also some reptilian creatures and at least two kinds of creatures that live in the trees. Research tent? Fallen tree, branches, vines and roots.

Need to animate some of the creatures, ones that fly for instance, and I plan to have some crawling up the trees. Also need sounds, ambient background noise, wind, creatures and any sound effects caused by interaction with a plant or creature.

Tools and Software:

3DS Max, UDK, Crazy Bump, Photoshop, Zbrush, Camera for references and textures, graphics tablet, Internet for research.

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