Friday, 8 February 2013

Rooftop Asset Making

Now making the assets. I made a list of the ones that are most likely needed for the level: Satellite dish, Aerials: spiked and straight, Metal chimney pipes, Air vents, Generic small pipes, Sky light, Slum huts (modular), Cardboard boxes, Fire escape, Water tank, Spinning vent, Small AC, Ladder, Rubble, Litter, Alarm, Camera, Billboard, Guard rails, Electric cables, Lights, Large AC unit (modular), Crates, Plastic boxes, AC ducts (modular), Exit room, Final Room, Door.
I was given a series of UDK tutorials, so I am spending time watching through those, they show the production of a basic level, and its perfect for teaching me the basics, as well as handy tips for making things easier while using UDK, like shortcuts and snap settings. I liked how you can snap your view to an asset and then you can fly manually to an area, dropping the object there.

The texture budget is less than 4 1024x1024 maps. I plan to use two of these for my assets, and the other two for building textures, though broken up.

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