Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Creature Designs

So I have done a few sketches of some creatures that would inhabit the jungle. I had a lot of fun designing them. At the moment there are 8 creatures, but I might drop or redesign one that is slightly too generic. I'm currently in the process of finishing off final concepts of each of the creatures in photoshop. 

I've nick named the one above the "Tree Ray" I plan to have a few of these on the trees throughout the level. These creatures have moss growing on them and are the same colour as the trees they live on. I'm also thinking of a triggered event where one can fall out of a tree in front of the player, and then scuttle to cover.
Top left is a kind of mosquito. It would be great to have a few of these flying around the jungle. Right is an interesting creature that floats along on its feather like appendages, I plan to colour it a vivid purple/blue. Bottom one is the one I've decided is too generic and may be dropped or redesigned.
This is a small creature that would slither through the grasses in the level. I prefer the head design of the one on the right more than the first.
The creature on the left will hang from trees in large numbers. They have a sticky appendage that flies are attracted to. Top right is a creature that could live in between rocks, it has spikes on its back to protect it from being eaten by larger creatures. Bottom right is a creature kind of similar to a snail.

Final Concept of the Tree Ray. Working on colour version.
Final concept of grass creature. Lets call it the Grass Stalker for now!

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