Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Visit to Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Decided to make a trip to the botanical gardens to collect references of tropical types of plants for my FMP. It will be a good idea to look at the interesting tropical plants that exist already, and use those as a basis for my own plants, to get them to look realistic and believable, but also to make sure they are not too Earthly.
Here are just some of the photos I got during the day there. 

 There were loads of plants that lived on other larger ones, I think parasitic types of plants are quite interesting, and it could be an aspect to explore in my designs.

 I saw a lot of moss type plants that hang down from branches, I thought those were pretty cool.

 One of the few flowers in there. Might have something to do with the snow outside!

 The plant above is literally stuck on the wall! Very strange.

 Ones growing where they weren't intended to, up by the roof of the building!

 There's many variations of colour, I especially liked these red plants.

 Love these moss/heather/lichen type plants.

 More tangled hanging plants.

 New shoots coming through.

 Leaf detail.
 The one above looked really interesting, but they have gone and stuck it's sign right onto the plant, covering half of it, nice idea!
Looks like cobwebs but its actually how the plant was.

I got some very useful textures on this visit and some great ideas for plants in my level. I will get on to designing them next.

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